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$12 get a CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Digital Weight Scale (save $12.99)

CUSIBOX Digital Body Weight Scale

This digital bathroom scale is designed in an elegant and premium way to measure weight for everyday health tracking.

  • STEP-ON Technology: It is equipped with Step-On technology, no more tapping to turn on the scale, just step on to get instant readings in a large, backlit LCD display.
  • Three Layers Construction: The bathroom scale is triple-layered constructed with stainless steel, tempered glass and high accuracy instrumentation for a strong performance.
  • Weighed with Features: This digital scale has an auto-off feature for energy saving, low battery and overload indications for more durable service life. And the rust-proof stainless steel platform is stylish and easy to clean.
  • Accurate Readings: The 4 precise weighing sensors work together to provide accurate readings with a resolution of +/- 0.2 lb. The sturdy non-slip stainless steel platform supports weight up to 400 pounds.

Order Price:$12 / 52% Off code is CUSIBOX6



1. This scale is designed for use on flat, hard surfaces. Measurements will be compromised on not ideal surfaces.


2. After changing batteries or moving the scale, take a moment to let it calibrate itself before measuring.

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